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Say hello to dr vanessa marwood...

Dr Vanessa Marwood is a brilliant forensic entomologist who uses insects to unveil the secrets of the dead. In this brand new series, you will be joining her and the different detectives she works with to solve gruesome crimes around the world.

Book 1:
Venom in the blood

I stand and admire the three hosts before me, mere moments from taking their final breaths. So glorious in their helpless beauty. I allow myself a few seconds to enjoy my work and then I walk away. They are no longer mine. Instead, it is time for them to be returned to the people of Greensands, and to one person in particular: Dr Vanessa Marwood.

Forensic entomologist Vanessa Marwood has built her career on her love of insects and the vital information these tiny creatures can provide at the scene of a crime.

Just as she is about to board a plane for her dream job at a lab in New York, Vanessa receives a call about a chilling set of murders in her hometown. Not only have four innocent victims lost their lives in a single night, but the killer has sewn spider silk into their wounds.

Vanessa swore she would never return to Greensands. But this case, and the dark secrets of her childhood, are drawing her back...

Can she follow the glistening strands of evidence to the killer at the centre of this twisted web? Or will the shadows of Vanessa's past finally close in on her?

The first in a stunning new procedural crime series from a true master of suspense. Fans of Angela Marsons, Patricia Cornwell and Cara Hunter will be absolutely gripped from the very first page until the final, breathtaking twist.

book 2

book 3

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